Select from these accessory items to enhance the use, enjoyment and storage of your Expand-A-Table.

All Accessories ship for free if purchased in the same order with any Expand-A-Table.  FedEx shipping rates apply to all standalone purchases of Accessories.


Premium Table Protector

Expand-A-Table may be placed directly on top of your existing table.  If you prefer extra protection to the top and edges of your existing table, you may insert a cloth barrier between your Expand-A-Table and your existing table. Our premium cloth...
galvanized steel hangar storage hooks

Hanger Storage Hooks (Set of 4)

Store you Expand-A-Table flat under a bed or sofa. Alternatively, hang the panels of your Expand-A-Table from your garage, basement or storage room ceiling. Strong and durable, these hanger storage hooks are made from heavy-duty galvanized steel with a...
Profile view of edge clips.

Edge Clips (Replacement, Set of 4)

Every Expand-A-Table is shipped with a set of Edge Clips.  Order additional or replacement sets here. These stainless steel, U-shaped clips help secure the outer edges of your Expand-A-Table.  These clips are not integral to the functionality...
Center metal hub

Center Metal Hub (Replacement)

Every Expand-A-Table is shipped with a Center Metal Hub.  Order a replacement unit here. All Expand-A-Tables, regardless of shape or size, use this standardized Center Metal Hub.