Downsizing?    You Don't Have to Shorten Your Guest List

Have you downsized to a smaller house, condominium or apartment?  Are you beginning to think about it?  

Downsizing can be stressful. It often requires big decisions and can result in significant changes.  But the potential benefits of a smaller residence, lower expenses, and less maintenance are key drivers of the downsizing decision-making process.  

One universal challenge to downsizing is furniture.  Downsizing often includes selling or donating some of your furniture and purchasing new furniture that is more appropriately sized for the living spaces of your new home.

Do you still want to host your Sunday family dinners?  Do you want to continue to host the annual holidays and celebrations for which you have been accustomed?  Having a smaller kitchen or dining room table doesn't mean that you need to shorten your guest list.  

Expand-A-Table was designed to easily expand your table’s seating capacity when you’re in need of extra space.  It's modular design allows for quick disassembly and storage until your next event. So go ahead and make those difficult furniture decisions with confidence, enjoy the benefits that come with downsizing, and retain your ability to entertain as you like.