Q:  How do I determine the right Expand-A-Table for my needs?

A:  Start with shape.  Determine which Expand-A-Table shape will best suit your existing table and room.

If your existing table is:                  Consider an Expand-A-Table that is:

          Round                                             Round or Square

          Round, with leaf                       Oblong or Rectangle

          Rectangle                                      Rectangle or Oblong

          Square                                            Square or Round

          Oblong                                            Oblong or Rectangle

          Oval                                                 Oblong

Next, determine the dimensions of the Expand-A-Table that will provide you with the extra space that you desire. The dimensions and seating capacities of our Expand-A-Tables can be found here: Round,  Rectangle,  Square and Oblong.  Don't see the option you are looking for or simply need assistance?  Contact us.

Q:  What is the maximum size Expand-A-Table that I can place on my existing table?

A:  Generally, Expand-A-Table can increase the size of your table top up to 18-24 inches in length and in width, depending on, among other considerations, the size and construction of your table.

We provide free consultations to assist you in determining the best solution for your existing table. Contact us.

Q: Can I leave my Expand-A-Table on top of my existing table for long periods of time?

A: Expand-A-Table is specifically designed for occasional use when entertaining friends and family. However, with proper care and attention, Expand-A-Table’s durable construction allows for extended use on top of your existing table. For extended periods of use, we recommend that you periodically ensure that your Expand-A-Table continues to be centered on your table.

When using on outdoor patio tables, we recommend that you store your Expand-A-Table indoors when not in use to protect it from extended periods of rain, humidity and extreme temperatures (hot or cold).

Q: Can I use Expand-A-Table on top of any type of table?

A: Expand-A-Table is intended for use with almost any dining, kitchen or patio table. It is recommended that your existing table be level and in good structural condition.

Expand-A-Table is generally not intended for use with…

 -       Collapsible card tables that are not of sturdy construction

-       Drop leaf tables with narrow-set legs

-       Tables that are less than 24 inches in width/diameter

Q: How does Expand-A-Table secure itself to my existing table top?

A: For indoor use, Expand-A-Table is primarily secured to your table by its weight, size and construction.  It is heavy enough to provide sufficient downward force on your table, thus resisting movement from routine contact at the edges by your guests.

Additionally, the design of Expand-A-Table includes a patented, interlocking groove system and a center metal hub device that locks everything into place.  So, once it is fully assembled on your table, Expand-A-Table acts like a single piece of wood resting on top of your existing table.

For outdoor patio use, Expand-A-Table is designed to accommodate a table's umbrella.  The umbrella fits through Expand-A-Table's center metal hub, providing even further stability.


Q: What is the difference between oval and oblong?

A: We define oblong as a table with straight sides but rounded ends. For example, a round dining table with an expansion leaf installed is oblong in shape. We define oval as a table that has rounded or tapered sides along the entire length of the table.  Our Oblong Expand-A-Table is designed to fit on existing oblong and oval tables. As oval tables can vary significantly in their dimensions, it is best to contact us to ensure a proper fit.

Q: Do I need to use protective padding between my existing table and my Expand-A-Table?

A: Expand-A-Table may be placed directly on top of your existing table.  We ship with each order a 12" x 12" protective pad that sits directly under Expand-A-Table's center metal hub. 

For delicate, glass and antique tables, our Premium Table Protectors provide an edge-to-edge protective layer for your existing table.

Q: How do I assemble my Expand-A-Table?

A:  Expand-A-Table’s modular construction allows for easy assembly. No tools are required.  For a step-by-step guide click here, or watch our video to see how Expand-A-Table's components come together to create more seating space at your table. 

We ship four metal edge clips with each Expand-A-Table.  The use of these clips is optional. Depending on the overhang of your Expand-A-Table to your existing table, these clips may provide further stability at the table's edge. A Phillips head screw driver can be used to lightly tighten the screws of these clips.

Q: What is the best method for storing my Expand-A-Table?

A: Always select a storage environment that is moderate in both humidity and temperature.  To ensure years of enjoyment of your Expand-A-Table, store flat on the floor under a bed or standing straight up against a wall.  When standing up, be sure to place an outer edge of your Expand-A-Table on the floor to prevent damage to the sides that contain the interlocking grooves.  You can also hang the wood panels from ceiling hooks (each wood panel comes pre-drilled with holes for hanging).  Ceiling hooks are available for purchase under Accessories.

Q: How do I care for my Expand-A-Table?

 A: Expand-A-Table is a sturdy and durable wood product and we recommend that you care for it just like any fine wood furniture.

Cleaning.  After each use, wipe with a slightly damp cloth or sponge. Wipe away any residual water with a clean, dry towel. 

Cups/Glasses.  Every Expand-A-Table is protected by a polyurethane coating.  However, we suggest using beverage coasters to prevent sustained contact with condensation.

Hardware.  The center metal hub is made of stainless steel.  If it gets wet, wipe it with a towel and allow to air dry before re-assembling or storing.  The metal threading should be kept free of debris.  In the unusual situation where a lubricant is needed, apply lightly and wipe away all excess.

Outdoor Use.  We recommend that you store your Expand-A-Table indoors when not in use to protect it from extended periods of rain, humidity and extreme temperatures (hot or cold).