Join the growing list of fine dining establishments that are using the table extension capabilities of Expand-A-Table to:

  • Add flexibility to available seating optionscs-089-round-3-panels.png
  • Improve the bottom line


Our patented, wood construction table-top extenders allow you to increase the seating capacity of an individual table, when you need it.  Expand-A-Table sits directly on top of a dining table.  It is durable, stable and exceedingly functional. 

Expand-A-Table's modular design allows for quick and easy assembly by just one person.  When you just need the seating capacity of your original table, Expand-A-Table's four wood panels store discreetly in a coat closet or storage room.

Table Top Expanding Solutions

Expand-A-Table provides you with the flexibility to better accommodate your guests depending upon your needs.

Seat more people at a table
Your 36" round dining table          : seats 4
With 50" Round Expand-A-Table: seats 6
Seat the same number of people, each with more individual space
Your 36" round dining table          : seats 4, each with 28" of space
With 50" Round Expand-A-Table: seats 4, each with 39" of space
Change the shape of the table top for the desired seating arrangement
Your 36" square dining table        : seats 4
With 55" Round Expand-A-Table: seats 7

An Investment with a Measurable Return

Expand-A-Table generally increases a table's seating capacity by 2-4 guests. 

If average revenue per guest is $50, each seating using an Expand-A-Table would generate $100-$200 in additional revenue.  Most Expand-A-Tables are priced in the range of $600-$800. An Expand-A-Table pays for itself after just 3-6 seatings.  Plus, Expand-A-Table's durable construction ensures years of use.

Next Steps

Expand-A-Table is available in 4 shapes and 34 sizes.  We can also produce custom sizes.

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